Marta Moros Batlle
Software Engineer and Web Developer
think, make, repeat

Hi! I’m Marta :)

I’m a Software Engineer/Web Developer with 11 years of experience working as a Full Stack Developer.

So far, I’ve worked with technologies such as Drupal, Symfony (PHP Based), SCSS, Javascript, and relational databases. I’m currently interested in shifting my focus towards current Frontend Development technologies (React, Nextjs, Gatsby, …).

I’ve worked on several projects, including: custom CRM and ERP systems for small and medium sized companies, e-commerce implementations, online education platforms, marketing websites, and shopping mall websites.


My roles usually include requisite analysis, solution design, implementation and maintenance, always with users in mind.

I’m not an expert in UX but I’m interested in learning more about it.

I like to learn about new technologies and apply them in real life projects. Although I’m not a professional designer, I enjoy doing it on my personal projects.

Latest projects

These are the personal projects on which I’ve been working lately.

This repo contains the source code for my portfolio website.
Last update 7/3/2022 8:40
QDE Lines - Generador de guías para caligrafía.
Last update 7/3/2022 8:27
ZTM Course project
Last update 24/2/2022 16:11